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Ready to take your health & fitness journey to the next level and take back control over your life?

You have a few ways to start depending if you have pain/injury/health condition or not. Or if you have previous experience. Choose from the 4 options:

Have an Injury

Are you looking for something to help with an injury, or getting around a health condition? Book our beginners Pilates Reformer course with assessment! Our team are experts in helping all kinds of issues, from recovering after a serious illness to improving your flexibility. With Pilates Reformer, you’ll be able to target specific issues. Not only this, but you’ll also be supported by our team of experienced professionals all the way. We're here to help you get back on track. Sart your journey to a healthier and stronger you!

Join The Rehab Hub in Glasgow Kinning Park and double your Pilates Reformer experience!

Bring along a friend and enjoy your first course made specifically for beginners with no injuries.

Here at The Rehab Hub, we believe that Pilates Reformer has the potential to improve your wellness, Posture, strength and mobility.

Book now and start your journey to a stronger and healthier self for you and your friend. Friends that train together are friends for life.

Are you looking for an effective way to improve your balance and flexibility and you don't have an injury and want to come to our classes?

The Rehab Hub in Glasgow Kinning Park offers a beginner Pilates Reformer course so you can get started on the path to improved full-body fitness and posture.

Our experienced, certified trainers will help you learn the basics and ensure your safety, even if you have no previous injuries. So book your journey to even better wellness by signing up for the Pilates Reformer class today! This is ideal if you have no injuries or medical conditions.

Reformer Quick Start is designed for individuals with prior Reformer Pilates experience at alternative studios to the Rehab Hub. To begin classes with us, enrolment in the Reformer Quick Start programme is necessary. This includes an obligatory induction session at our studio, during which participants will familiarise themselves with our equipment and the manner in which we conduct our classes, as each studio operates differently. Additionally, 4 complimentary class credits will be provided for use in subsequent sessions. You will be shown how to book and cancel your classes and inducted into the studio. The introductory session is essential to ensure a seamless transition into our Rehab Hub environment, eliminating the need for a beginner's course as you have experience.

Not sure its for you, why not come in a talk to one of our teachers, book a free 10 minute Pilates consultation. (can be in person or over the phone)


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